4 tips for creating a family schedule that will make everyone happy


How can I get my kids to quietly play without constantly having to mute my zoom meetings to tell them to be quiet, get a snack or suggest a new activity they should play until I'm done?

How do I structure my day so that I can get stuff done and my kids can be happily engaged in activities without having to spend every hour with them and sacrificing my much needed me-time?


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Marlene Spence

In 40 minutes you will...

Understand the foundational tools to creating a family schedule that actually works so you can stop feeling like things at home are falling apart

Be equipped with a few ways to keep your kids engaged in activities so that you can check off the things on your to-do list without being the angry, frustrated parent

Understand how to get your kids motivated and excited about your new family schedule so that they will follow through with expectations with little or no direction from you


Hi I'm Marlene Spence

I am a mom of 2, Child Behaviour Specialist, Parenting Strategist, the Creator of Reward’um™ and Owner of Cornerstone Family Services. Using 21 years of experience and extensive knowledge of behaviour analysis, I help shift parents from feeling overwhelmed and hopeless about their child’s challenging behaviours to feeling relieved and hopeful. I help teach parents how to shift their homes from chaotic to calm.

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